Understanding Mass Media

Media are the traditional communication channels or tools utilized to transmit and store data or information. The word literally denotes elements of this large mass media communications discipline, including newspaper, magazine, broadcast, the television, radio, cinema, and even advertising. Media has been in existence since the early days of human communication. It is a very broad field, with various types of medium existing. All media are used for some form of communication; however, they have varying degrees of quality, depending on the type of transmission used and the intended audience.

Print Media The most common form of print media is the print media. This consists of most newspapers, magazines, books, periodicals, brochures, flyers, posters, wall papers, booklets, maps, pamphlets, and other print marketing materials. Most newspapers and magazines are published on paper with ink rollers. However, most people refer to these publications as “hard” or “paper” media because of their high production standards. A major portion of hard media is electronic media such as television, radio, and films.

Social Media Popularly known as social networking, social media enables people to connect with each other by creating blogs, websites, status updates, and other online content. Some forms of social media include blogging, micro blogging, wikis, social networks, and wikis. Blogs are excellent ways of keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. On the other hand, microblogging allows you to connect to thousands of users instantly through a variety of media including text-based chatting and instant messaging.

Radio and Television These are two popular mass communication media. Most newspapers and magazines are transmitted through radio or television channels. These are mediums that can be relied upon daily for most information and news. Most television viewers usually wait for the nightly news before tuning into any particular program.

Press Freedom The freedom of press is an aspect that worries many bloggers and media critics. There are reports that suggest that there is a decline in media freedom in the country. This is mainly attributed to the growing number of outlets for printing newspapers and magazines. With the increasing commercialization of newspapers, the profit margins for some newspapers have diminished.

Print Media The major components of mass media are newspapers, magazines, and television. Newspapers and magazines are printed in buildings and homes. They are distributed throughout the country via mails and newspapers carry certain specific ranges of topics. A major portion of the population uses television for entertainment, news, and information. Television is used for news, documentaries, reality shows, cartoons, and movies among other programs.

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