Types of Media

Media are the visual communication tools or devices utilized to transmit and store data or information. The word “media” refers to diverse elements of the mass communications media industry, including print media, broadcast media, the internet media, television, music, film, publishing, and other related forms. These elements interact with one another to produce a unique multimedia experience. All forms of media are influenced by culture and the values held by a society.

The mass media such as television, radio, and newspapers play an important role in our everyday lives. We receive the daily newspaper and we can listen to the radio or see the pictures of the latest news from the TV or the movies channels on the TV. Some people can not do without the newspapers, magazines, or other printed media because it is their only source of knowing about the latest events. People can search for specific information from the Internet as well.

Newspapers and magazines are categorized according to the length of their publication time, the range of topics covered, or subjects of focus. Generally, there are four publications in each local day. There are weekend magazines and the national magazines which are published on weekdays. A newspaper has the broadest range of media and it is the most read among all the publications.

There are various types of media that are published in newspapers and magazines. They are available in various sizes and in attractive designs. They are categorized according to geographic location, current interest, or target readership. These different types of media are used for the purpose of disseminating information and knowledge. These include sports, entertainment, local news, business, celebrity, education, international news, and international terrorism and news sources.

Print media includes mainly the established daily and weekly newspapers. They are widely read by the people of the country and they are preferred by all kinds of people for all purposes including news and entertainment. These papers contain significant articles and news flashes, news items, featured stories, and other relevant material. The different types of print media include regional, national, and world periodicals.

Another major type of media is the social media. Social media refers to blogs, images, videos, music, podcasts, and other audio and visual content. This type of media has become very popular among the youth and the elderly as this medium of gathering and disseminating information is fast and easy. They are a great source of entertainment and also of education. Television and radio stations broadcast content through these media and websites like social networking sites allow users to upload media.

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