Success – The Definition and Facts


Success – The Definition and Facts

For some people, success means living life at its best. Others define success as achieving great levels of financial achievement, or personal magnetism. For many people, however, success has a much more concrete meaning. Success is that which inspires us to do great things. For others, success could mean being chosen as one of the people who make important decisions.

Success is often the result of reaching some defined number of goals. It can also be seen as the opposite of failure, in the sense that failure should not be an option if one is to succeed. The standards for success are dependent upon a given observer or concept, and can be subjective to a certain observer or concept. When assessing whether one has reached these goals, the standard for success becomes the standard against which the achievements are measured.

In order to understand how to define success, it becomes essential to understand what success really is. For most people, success is about being successful. This definition excludes aspects such as happiness, which some consider to be a better indicator of personal success. Success, in the eyes of the average person, includes such elements as: becoming successful in one’s career, being financially secure, and living a life that is full of success experiences.

Successful people tend to have a blend of three aspects: mental toughness, physical strength, and emotional intelligence. Mental toughness refers to one’s ability to endure the stresses of life, and the ability to remain calm under pressure. Physically, successful people are capable of doing their jobs with minimal use of their physical abilities. And finally, emotionally intelligent people are able to deal effectively with high amounts of stress, using their minds and emotions appropriately to handle these situations. Successful people have all three qualities present in equal measures, and are thus considered to be extremely successful.

So, just what are these traits that define success? The answers to this question will vary greatly from person to person. What may work for one person may not even work for another. What is most essential is that you find out what really works for you and then use those personal traits to become successful in your field. For instance, if you have a strong sense of personal responsibility and perseverance, you may find that these personal traits are important to becoming successful in a management position.

To fully define success, it becomes essential to decide what your individual goals are. Goals can be as broad as: To earn a large salary, or as specific as: To become the president of a local business. It is essential to set achievable goals, because otherwise, you may get discouraged and give up before you ever achieve your goals. Success is never accomplished without setting goals. Without goals, your success is nothing more than wishful thinking. But with goals, you can pursue a life of success, instead of just wishing for success.

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