Success – Your True Definition

Success is basically the state or condition of achieving a set number of agreed upon objectives. It can be viewed as the antithesis of failure. The standards for success are relative to an individual’s perception and can vary significantly from a given observer or belief system.

One important way to specify the meaning of success is to look at the definition of what it is to be successful in the first place. To some observers, the definition of success will include the achievement of specific, measurable short-term goals. In this formulation, a goal is considered successful if it is met within the time period that was previously stated by the observer. Short-term goals are easy to meet, and they often provide the only measure of accomplishment for an individual.

To some people, success means much more than reaching predetermined goals. This person believes that to be successful, one must not only achieve short-term objectives but must also work toward achieving long-term ones as well. This definition of success differs from the traditional definition of success as obtained by most schools of thought, which focuses on the attainment of objectives or the achievement of certain standards.

Another way to define success is to look at the definition as a means to happiness. Success is not just the absence of failure but the presence of accomplishment. Individuals who possess success have an expectation of complete happiness. When they meet their objectives, they experience complete happiness and satisfaction, regardless of whether they met their short-term or long-term goals.

The third way to define success is to look at it as a journey. Individuals who achieve success move toward their goals by continually working toward them with enthusiasm and diligence. They are never satisfied with their current position. On each particular journey, individuals learn new things and develop new skills. If they had set short-term and long-term goals, their progress toward these goals would have been much different.

All three of these definitions of success are important. It is important to understand the difference between the definitions in order to fully realize your own level of achievement. Each definition of success has its own meaning, and the individual who possesses the achievement will use all three in pursuit of his or her goals. By studying and thinking about your own definition of success, you will be able to understand the path by which you should proceed in pursuing your own happiness and fulfillment.

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