Success Definition – How Do People Measure Success?


Success Definition – How Do People Measure Success?

Success is a broad concept that covers a wide array of complex emotional states and accomplishments. Success has often been called the measure of life. Many definitions of success use the word “determined.” Success is also the state of meeting an accepted standard of performance.

Success is defined by many, but not by all. In general, success is viewed as an individual or group trait, with measurable standards of behavior. Success is the standard by which others are measured. It can be seen as the inverse of the failure, with the emphasis on the individual’s ability to meet an accepted standard of performance.

Success is not only about being able to meet high standards, but it is also about the value system that one has developed. A person who thinks that he/she is successful will likely feel that they have achieved something great. Therefore, when you look at someone and say, “You seem to be a success,” what you are really saying is, “You have developed a value system that I could adopt.” This value system might include but is not limited to: identifying key personal goals (instead of just saying, “I want to be rich,”), setting short-term and long-term goals, having a clear sense of where you want to go and how much effort is needed to get there, implementing a business or volunteer work plan, having a positive attitude and working in a positive environment, looking at what you have already accomplished and encouraging yourself to do more, having a well-rounded career and educational background, having a supportive spouse, owning your own home, having a healthy diet, getting in touch with your creative side, and having social contacts. The list goes on.

Success can be thought of as a personal definition, though. It is my personal opinion that a successful individual has these positive traits, and they are a reflection of the person’s beliefs, hopes, and goals, along with their values. Here’s a list of ten common definitions that I have found to be most helpful:

The first thing that I believe success means is that you have created a blueprint of goals for yourself and for your family that are attainable. I have seen too many people waste a lot of time and energy setting goals that are not reachable because they set too lofty of goals that are too difficult to reach, and too few short-term goals. When setting your goals, I always recommend setting short-term goals that are easy to achieve and then long-term goals that are more difficult to achieve but will help you reach your long-term goals. I feel that the more challenging your goals, the more success you will have.

The next thing that I believe a person defines success is that they feel like they have accomplished something, even if that accomplishment is something that is easier said than done. Too many people feel like they have reached a goal and they immediately begin to think about all of the things that they would have to do in order to be successful, or that they would feel like they are too accomplished and that nothing is possible for them right now. This definition of success is very important, because if you do not believe that you have done something great, you will never be able to feel like you have achieved anything significant. The more you tell yourself that you are successful, the more you will begin to believe that you are actually successful and you will have a much better chance at actually achieving success.

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